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Dreamrack Studios is a recording studio founded by Conn Cianci-McGraw and Trent Berry, situated in the legendary Hyde Street Studios. Conn and Trent met while living in the same San Francisco neighborhood and hit it off right away over their shared passion of music.


After many weeks of bonding, working and inspiring each other, Conn and Trent decided to officially join forces and make their part-time passion a full-time reality. Here are some ways we can help to make your dream come true:








Conn Cianci-McGraw

Co-Founder, Senior Sound Engineer

Conn Cianci-McGraw is a producer, engineer, Academy of Art University instructor and multi-instrumentalist from San Francisco, certified in Ableton and ProTools, a graduate of SAE and Pyramind and has contributed   to countless projects in production, post-production, film composition, field recording & education. He has produced numerous local and globetrotting bands. He composed & mastered multiple projects for Autodesk  creating productions for their online featurette promoting CGI for Bjork’s “Black Lake” music video and doing post-production for the Market Street Prototyping Festival. He also completely scored a 3-minute animation showcasing the capabilities of Inmobi’s MiiP which included foley, field-recording, mixing and mastering. His personal work as solo-act CDCM mixes synth-pop, dark ambient shoe-gaze & Techno. His eclectic taste allows clients to walk out of Dreamrack with a sum of ideas on how to develop their sound in new, seemingly natural and inspiring ways.

Trent Berry

Co-Founder, Senior PRODUCER

Trent Berry is a co-founder of Dreamrack Studios in San Francisco, founded in 2017 operating out

of Studio B at Hyde Street Studios.  


Trent engineers, produces, mixes and masters music for a variety of artists- he has provided sonic

installations for Burning Man campsites, done multiple voiceovers for Bay Area startups and had his

playing and compositions featured in award nominated films such as A Girl In The River (2015),

De barlovento a sotavento (From Windward to Leeward, 2016), El Salvador vale la pena

(El Salvador Is Worth It, 2015), the award winning short horror film Hell Patrol (2009) and the critically

acclaimed postmodern Western film Road to Paloma (2014). He provides free recording and musical

education to the Blue Bear School of music’s Young Artists’ All Stars program, bringing adolescents and teenagers an entree into the world of professional recording.


Trent is on the Board of Directors for the Bahamas International Film Festival, serving as both a panel judge as well as writing and performing music for artists and connecting musicians with emerging filmmakers.


A studio guitarist and “hired gun” for live work, Trent performs in multiple bands based in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles- and is a musical mainstay for the Los Angeles contingent of performing artists at the annual SXSW festival in Austin, TX.


A resident of Hayes Valley for the entire time he has lived in San Francisco, Trent is the admin of the Hayes Valley Facebook page- and if you are in the neighborhood- mentioning his name has been known to result in free beer or cocktails, give it a try!


On a final note...if you’ve ever seen Jersey Boys in a theater, you’ve heard Trent’s playing- those are his sampled harmonica parts emanating from the speakers!

Michael Bakkemo

Assistant Producer, Sound Engineer

Michael Bakkemo has been putting his graduate degree in Algebraic Topology to good use at Dreamrack as both an engineer & producer. He can be found dreaming up VST plug-ins, experimenting with machine learning or conducting next-gen research on analog simulations as well as for 3D surround morphing. Michael has championed the tricky placement and use of common & found objects at Dreamrack to positively disrupt & enhance acoustic fields, ensuring higher fidelity recordings & adding novel coloration to recordings when desired. Michael is also a 'hook tweeker' who makes sure hooks and arrangements in productions can compete with the music icons. Originally a native of the Pacific Northwest, we can't seem to get him to root for the Bay Area teams, but we keep him around for his mastery of math. We could calculate milliseconds needed for a quarter note delay at 107 BPM or just ask him with a quick answer; he's a keeper!!!

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