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Dreamrack Studios is a recording studio founded by Conn Cianci-McGraw and Trent Berry, situated in the legendary Hyde Street Studios. Conn and Trent met while living in the same San Francisco neighborhood and hit it off right away over their shared passion of music.


After many hours of bonding, working and inspiring each other, Conn and Trent decided to officially join forces and make their part-time passion a full-time reality. Here are some ways we can help to make your dream come true:










Conn Cianci-McGraw

Co-Founder, Senior Sound Engineer

Conn Cianci-McGraw is a producer, engineer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist from San Francisco that has contributed to countless projects in production, post-production, film composition, field recording & education. He produced, mixed & mastered EagleWolfSnake’s newest album “Ancient Feelings.” He composed & mastered multiple projects for Autodesk creating productions for their online featurette promoting CGI for Bjork’s “Black Lake” music video and doing post-production for the Market Street Prototyping Festival. He also scored a 3-minute cartoon showcasing the capabilities of Inmobi’s MiiP which included foley, field-recording, a mix and a master. His personal work as CDCM mixes synth-pop, dark ambient shoe-gaze & the sounds of now. His eclectic taste allows clients to walk out of Dreamrack with a sum of ideas on how to develop their sound in new, seemingly natural and inspiring ways.

Trent Berry

Co-Founder, Senior PRODUCER

Trent Berry is a guitarist/producer/musician and founder of Black Ninja Fabric, a San Francisco-based global production team specializing in music creation for emerging multimedia artists and independent filmmakers. Now exclusively affiliated with Dreamrack Studios. BNF has provided made-to-order collaborative soundtracks and sonic installations for multimedia sites and events, including the 2014 Burning Man Festival in Black Rock, Nevada, multiple SXSW events as well as Surge Event/Independent Music LA events and installations in West Hollywood. They’ve created the voiceovers and Blade Runner-inspired music for the Facebook/YouTube campaign “Hyperloop Now!,”supporting Elon Musk’s California high speed rail proposal. In the independent film world, Trent has become known for his voiceover work & for his dreamy, vast atmospheric soundscapes.

He created extensive additions to the soundtrack of the award-winning short horror film Hell Patrol (2009) mixed at George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch. Most recently, his band MollyGunner had their song “Illusion” featured in the critically acclaimed postmodern Western film, Road to Paloma (2014).Trent also co-writes, produces and performs music for artists to shop at festivals, including the co-writing and production/mixing of the James Bond-meets-neo noir track “Locked in a Cage” by Serena Malkani (Sundance) and the recent album of sophisti-folk by Americana artist Richard Busch (Munich). He has also been a panel judge at the Bahamas International Film Festival and continues to work closely with that organization to match musicians and filmmakers with a wider public audience.On a lighter note: if you’ve ever seen Jersey Boys in a theater, you’ve heard Trent’s playing- those are his sampled harmonica parts emanating from the speakers!



Vanessa Saxton is a producer, musician and proprietor of SX Studios in Oakland, CA. SX Studios has provided graphics, video and sound production/direction for projects including “Traitor X Patriot,” the debut album of her progressive rock band Amanda’s X (2005-2014) titled “Hyperloop Now!”, and a campaign for alternative high-speed transport conceived by Elon Musk. She has also done graphics for the charity concert “Rock Relief,” at Café Du Nord (SF). As songwriter/lead singer/bass player/keyboardist of the band, she has performed at venues such as the Continental (NYC), The Great American Music Hall (SF) and Viper Room (LA) and designed the band’s enigmatic website. Saxton is a trusted voice for the transgender community, adding insights to the fight for LGBTQ rights. At Dreamrack, she provides guidance & access to production & facilities for the larger transgender community. The motto: The “T” is no longer going to be silent.

Michael Bakkemo

Assistant Producer, Sound Engineer

Michael Bakkemo has been putting his graduate degree in Algebraic Topology to good use at Dreamrack as both an engineer & producer. He can be found dreaming up VST plug-ins, experimenting with machine learning or conducting next-gen research on analog simulations as well as for 3D surround morphing. Michael has championed the tricky placement and use of common & found objects at Dreamrack to positively disrupt & enhance acoustic fields, ensuring higher fidelity recordings & adding novel coloration to recordings when desired. Michael is also a 'hook tweeker' who makes sure hooks and arrangements in productions can compete with the music icons. Originally a native of the Pacific Northwest, we can't seem to get him to root for the Bay Area teams, but we keep for because of his mastery of math. We could calculate milliseconds needed for a quarter note delay at 107 BPM or just ask him with a quick answer; he's a keeper!!!




Narelle is the studio manager here at Dreamrack and will be happy to take care of your inquiries and needs. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Narelle is a classically trained vocalist, has always had a passion for music ever since fronting a 30-piece jazz band lending her vocals to friends' bands to playing percussion to seeing as many live shows as possible. Music has always been a part of Narelle's life and was a source of calm amongst owning a hair salon and managing a photography studio. Narelle has jumped right in to combining her talents with her love of music and keeping the crew organized. She looks forward to working with you all at Dreamrack. 

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