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$350 (4 hours w/engineer)


Studio Deposit


(48 hours notice cancellation fee; artists/bands will be charged if cancellation occurs before 48 hours)


(Deducted if booked w/ deposit; hour w/ producer/engineer to discuss tracks, schedule, ideas, wants, needs, etc.)

Full Day Black Out

(8 hours tracking in studio w/ an engineer)

Half Day Black Out

(4 hours tracking in studio w/ an engineer)

Sound Bed

$500-1000 per minute
(Rough draft/basic mix and mastering of each minute of songs recorded)

Corporate Field Recording

$50-$100 hR
(If recording is out of SF 7x7 or unique location w/in SF 7x7, travel costs will be taken into price consideration)

Song Lyrics/Script


(For pre-written, composition of song lyrics or commercial advertisement scripts; *edited or ghost written lyrics TBD)

per Session Player

(Other artist recording in track; *negotiations for live shows TBD)

8 Week Group LessoN

(1h lesson on instruments, software & DJing in a group setting)

Drop-In Group Lesson

(To join in on group lessons infrequently) 

Individual Lesson

(One-on-one 1h lesson w/ use of own instruments, add $5 for use of studio equipment)

Instrument/Midi Rental

(In-house p/d, charged when used throughout session by one of your artists; *included when hiring session player)



$500 (8 hours w/engineer)

Whole Day BlackOut

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