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  • Premium selection of large & small diaphragm, ribbon and dynamic microphones, with all classic German/Austrian and Japanese topologies

  • We are microphone enthusiasts who look to vintage mics for inspiration then create “dream” microphones using high-quality capsules married to selected circuit design and make mics that employ lasers & next-gen tech; You won’t find these elsewhere- and you'll be quite surprised at how often our own designs are chosen over the "classics."

  • Dreamrack is honored to own and beta test mics & preamps from the mighty Chris Prucher over at Barbaric Amplification as well as Thomas Parker over at Weird Audio


  • Weird Audio 47 Mod 1- Thomas Parker’s fearless take on the 47 design that dares to ask “if George Neumann could have kept improving the design as he had planned, where would be today?”

  • Barbaric Audio BA-67- Chris Prucher’s take on the classic 67.

  • Barbaric Audio BA-49- Chris’s take on the 49 with a body and basket optimized for vocals

  • The Taylor-one of our custom modded mics that most closely resembles a C12. In our version, the tube selection is essential…we’d tell you, but we’d have to…uhm….uh…


  • Barbaric Audio BA-8G- Chris Prucher’s take on the Sony 800G- uses a lower voltage so no heatsink required! A favorite on modern pop and hip-hop recordings due to the extended and smooth bottom-end and the top-end sizzle


  • Mojave MA-200- although this is a stock tube LDC mic, we are big fans as it pairs extremely well with almost all preamp designs. A “modern” sounding clean mic with robust low end and silky highs…unlike most “modern” designs it imparts a distinct character!


  • The TeleFranken- the Dreamrack flagship microphone. Rich, clear and detailed yet imparting a vintage patina quite distinct from German designs. Think art deco era NYC or Chicago instead of pre-war Berlin. Nothing else out there like it- in fact some clients have even asked us to build them one…because they can’t go back!

  • The TeleModern- the same basic design (and vibe!!) as our flagship microphone but with a more modern, updated sound.

  • The Tele47- if a 47 style mic had come off of a gleaming 1950s era Detroit assembly line, this would be the sound. Muscular yet classy like a period correct Coupe De Ville.

Guitars & BASS

Electric Guitars:

  • Gibson Goldtop Studio Les Paul Traditional 

  • Gretsch G6118 Anniversary

  • Fender Deluxe Strat

  • Fender Standard Stratocaster w custom HSS pickups

  • Gorin custom built Strat (Lace sensors and JB-1 jr pickups)

  • Slick Stray HSS configuration

  • Reverend Club King (x2) 

  • Reverend Manta Ray

  • Reverend Flatroc

  • Reverend Roundhouse

  • Ibanez Artcore w Alnico pickups

  • Italia Rimini 12 string

  • Fender Robben Ford 6 string


Acoustic Guitars:

  • Martin D-15M (full mahogany)

  • Martin D-17M (spruce top, mahogany body)

  • vintage Hohner 6 string

  • Yamaha 12 string

  • vintage Harmony 12 string

  • Cordoba classical nylon string



  • Fender American Standard Jazz Bass

  • Fender American Standard Precision Bass

  • Fender American Professional Fretless Bass


  • Casio Privia (88 keys, fully weighted, can also be used as a controller)

  • Korg Monologue (analog)

  • Korg MS20 (analog) 

  • Moog Sub-Phatty (analog)


  • VOX AC-30 with Celestions

  • Vintage Fender Twin Reverb II (Rivera era, very rare and very awesome)

  • SWR 350X

  • Fender Cyber-Twin



  • DW drumset (please bring your own cymbals, snare and clutch)



  • Epiphone Dobro

  • Chinese Pipa

  • ​Vintage Banjo



  • A comprehensive assemblage of boutique analog pedals for all overdrive, distortion, fuzz, modulation and reverb/delay needs




  • Pro Tools

  • Ableton X

  • Logic X

  • Reaper

  • Luna



  • UAD Apollo 16 channel with additional ASIO synched interface devices upon request.



  • Slate, UAD, Waves, Softube…all the usual suspects…plus many unusual suspects. 

  • We also beta test for some of the best plugin developers out there, such as VescoFX.



  • Akai, Novation Controllers



  • Comprehensive collection of soft synths, drums and percussion sounds

  • Comprehensive sound libraries (orchestral instruments, soundtracks and special effects)


  • Stereo pairs of diverse sounding analog preamps for analog summing and re-amping (please consult preamp list below)

  • Warm Audio EQP-WA - tube EQ Pultec clone with additional frequency bands 

  • Warm Audio WA76 – 1176 compressor clone with added input pad switch (-23 dB)

  • Golden Age Comp-2A - LA2A style compressor

  • Golden Age Comp-3A - LA3A style compressor with the “Bob Clearmountain” mod

  • 10’ x 11’ acoustically designed echo chamber (for natural analog reverb!)


  • Heritage  HA73EQ 1073 preamp (1) with 3 band EQ and Heritage Jr 73 (2): vintage era Neve replica preamps for that classic big British sound

  • Electrodyne 501 (2): rare & revered recreations from the golden era American consoles used at Capitol, Stax and Motown. Massive size and weight for any source

  • Chandler Limited TG2 (4) modules, clones of the ones used in the EMI/Abbey Road studios in the late 60s and early 70s. Lush, velvety goodness.

  • Purple Audio Biz (2): versatile NYC pres capable of chameleon-like tones and textures; the unquestioned “desert island” pre topology if there ever was one

  • Burl B1 (1) preamp- Modern California pre- meaty and thick yet somehow possessing 3D clarity. Incredible detail when used on any source, often a first choice for analog summing

  • Burl B1D (1) preamp- same circuit as the B1 but with an iron output transformer to give it a darker and (yes we're gonna say it) more dangerous tone. B1= Snoopy, B1D= Spike.

  • Barbaric Audio Tube Preamp (1): round yet muscular custom tube pre; works wonders on almost any source material. Think a UA mixed with a REDD, and you're there

  • Daking Mic Pre (2), Trident desk style pres with UK color but brighter, tighter, and firmer sound than their British cousins

  • Warm Audio 412 (4): American API-style punch / speed, sporting custom output transformers delivering more taut and extended bottom end than the vintage models

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